Updated January 24, 2020


Writing Should be the Easiest Part of the TOEFL. But…

Many students struggle with their TOEFL essays.  They take the test again and again because a bad writing score drags down their overall result.  This is horrible because the writing section should be the easiest part of the TOEFL for most students.  The problem is that most students don’t get sufficient feedback when they practice writing before taking the test.

Don’t Worry.  We Can Help.

Sign up for our essay evaluation service and you’ll get:

  • Line-by-line corrections of your practice essays provided by a native English speaker.
  • Corrections of all of your grammar and vocabulary errors.
  • An estimate of how your essay would score on test day.
  • Advice on how to score higher next time.
  • Complete templates for both essay types that will show you proper structure.
  • Complete feedback within 48 hours.
  • Note that we also offer speaking evaluations and proofreading services for university admissions documents and personal essays.

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Here’s How it Works

  1. Buy an evaluation using the PayPal link above.  Save money by purchasing multiple evaluations.  Send your essays all at once or one at a time.
  2. Write your next practice essay (integrated or independent).  Use your own topic or ask us for practice questions.
  3. E-mail your completed essay in any format (or share with Google Docs) to TOEFL Resources: essayevaluation@toeflresources.com 
  4. I will send a response in 48 hours.  If you don’t see it, remember to check your spam folder.
  5. Note for Korean Customers: New banking regulations in Korea make it impossible for you to use PayPal.  Send me an email and I’ll arrange an easy bank transfer.

What will the “Line by Line” Corrections Look Like?

Something like this. Click for a bigger version.


What is Everyone Saying About the Service?

“Writing: 30/30, all thanks to Michael: Thank you so very much for all your assistance without which I couldn’t have scored full marks in writing. Your constant essay improvement tips helped me immensely. Thank you, once again and I am definitely recommending this website to my friends.” -Janani, India

“I had my exam on Nov 16th. My TOEFL results are out today and scored 104. I got 28 in the writing section. I have taken this exam twice and have never scored this much. Michael sir helped me a lot. He corrected my essays and gave tips. They were really helpful. I followed your tips and used to follow them when I practiced and it helped me a lot. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND GREAT HELP. I had surfed the Internet like hell to get help and for reviews. I’m glad at last I found good help.  REALLY THANKS A TON” -Alekhya, Russia

“Finally received my score. It’s 29 in writing, 28-speaking, 30-reading, 30-listening. I just wanted you to know that the good score in writing is partly because of your help. The essays you reviewed and the suggestions you gave really helped me in paying attention to details in my essays, especially the grammatical mistakes. Wanted to thank you for your help. THANK YOU!” -Parvez, Pakistan

I got 115 in total. R29, L28, S28, W30. Thank you so much for helping me with my writing and speaking! The rules you taught me about writing are especially useful! Thank you so much!” -Crystal, Japan

“My TOEFL results just came in.  My overall score is 114 (R 29; L 29; S 29;W 27).Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it! I am happy you were advising me. I never expected to get such high result, but the materials on your website on Speaking and Writing sections helped me a lot.” -Anastasia, Ukraine.





Thanks a lot Michael. You might not know this, but you have helped a whole lot of people. Your videos are amazing and your templates helped me greatly. Especially since I studied alone and have no experience. I just received my score (101). I am immensely grateful. You are sublime.

Clare 0.