These speaking templates cover all six TOEFL speaking questions.  They should work most of the time.  These templates will make a lot more sense and be easier to use if you watch the video about each one.



(we've also got TOEFL writing templates)

Question One: Personal Experience (Old Style)

Statement of Main Argument (pick one)

  • “A time when I…”
  • “In my opinion…”
  • “I would advise my friend to…”
  • “I think that…”

Transition (optional, pick one)

  • “I feel this way for two reasons”
  • “This was ____ for two reasons”
  • “I would suggest this for two reasons.”

First Reason

  • “First…” + “For example…” (and a personal example)

Second Reason

  • “Second…” + “To be more specific…” (and an elaboration without a personal example)


Question Two:  Personal Preference (Old Style)

Main Point (pick one)

  • “I agree/disagree with the idea that…”
  • “I prefer…”
  • “I think it is preferable to…”

Transition (optional)

  • “I feel this way for two reasons”

First Reason

  • “First…” + “For example…” (and a personal example)

Second Reason

  • “Second…” + “To be more specific…” (and an elaboration without a personal example)


Question One and Two: Advantages and Disadvantages (New Style)


  • “There are certainly both benefits and drawbacks of _____.”


  • “First of all, one advantage is _____.” (+1-3 sentences of elaboration)


  • “However, a disadvantage is _____.” (+1-3 sentences of elaboration)


  • “Overall, though, I guess it’s better to _____.”


Question Three: Campus Announcement

Reading Main Point

  • “According to the announcement/article/letter…”

Reason from Reading

  • “This is because…”


  • “The man does not think this is a great idea for two reasons.”

First Reason

  • “First of all, he argues that…”

Second Reason

  • “Moreover, he mentions that…”


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Question Four:  General to Specific

Stating the Topic of the Reading

  • "TOPIC is _______" (state the topic and quickly define it)

Giving some Detail

  • “The reading states that…” (state a quick detail from the reading)


  • “The lecturer elaborates on this by providing an example/two examples.”

First Example/First Part

  • “First of all, he mentions…”

Second Example/Second Part

  • “Secondly, he says…”​


Question Five: Problem and Solution

Stating the Problem

  • “The woman’s problem is…. ” (two sentences… problem + details)


  • “Two possible solutions are suggested.”

The Suggestions and Objections

  • “First of all, she could…, however...”
  • “Secondly, she might be able to…, but...”

State your Preference

  • “In my opinion, the woman ought to…”

First Reason

  • “Firstly…”

Second Reason

  • “Moreover…”


Question Six:  Academic Lecture

Stating the lecture Subject and detail

  • The lecture is about (LECTURE SUBJECT), which is (QUICK DETAIL).

First example/first part (3-5 sentences)

  • First, the professor notes that (DETAILS).  For example, (EXAMPLE).

Second example/second part (3-5 sentences)

  • Secondly, he says that (DETAILS).  For instance (EXAMPLE).