TOEFL Reading – An Introduction

The reading section in the first part of the TOEFL test. You will read three or four academic articles and answer ten questions about each of them. You will have 54 minutes (three articles) or 72 minutes (four articles) to read the articles and answer all of the questions. If you are given four articles, one of them will not be scored. You will not be able to identify the unscored article, so try to answer all of the questions correctly.

The reading section has just a single timer that starts counting down when the first article appears. You will not get a new timer for each article. Note that you can always move forward and backwards between all of the questions as long as time remains in the reading section. There will be arrows to move between questions one at a time, and a button labelled “review” to jump to specific questions. This means you can use your time however you like.

Master the Reading Section

Here’s what we’ve got to help you master the TOEFL Reading Section