TOEFL Tutoring for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Students

The experts at TOEFL Resources have years of experience working with pharmacists and pharmacy students preparing to begin school in the United States and Canada.

Does this sound familiar?

  1. You are a current resident of the United States, and have an advanced degree from your native country.
  2. You have taken the TOEFL at least once before, and didn't get the results required  by your prospective school.
  3. You need scores in the range of 24-26 points in the speaking and writing sections of the test.
  4. You feel frustrated - you can communicate well in regular life, but just can't get the TOEFL score you need.
  5. You feel some urgency or desperation about your situation.  Your test will happen very soon.

If so, TOEFL Resources can help!

Express Essay and Speaking Lessons and Express Review

This is our most popular product.  For a small fee (packages starting as low as $7.50/essay), students are given access to an experienced TOEFL writing and speaking tutor.  Students write essays or record speaking answers and e-mail them to their tutor who evaluates and corrects them.  Your tutor will fix all of your grammatical errors, show you how to avoid making the same errors in the future, and teach you how to structure a TOEFL speaking or writing answer in the mandatory style.  The tutors at TOEFL Resources have worked with hundreds of students and know how to help you quickly.  This service is perfect for students who need immediate help.

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