What are the average TOEFL scores?

I get a lot of questions from students about average TOEFL scores.  We are fortunate that ETS publishes a lot of great information in its annual Test and Score Data Summary.

Here's a few highlights:

  • The average score for all test-takers is 80 points (R 20, S 19,7, L 20.2, W 30.3)
  • The average score for students applying to a high school is 71 points (16.9/16.9/19/18.7)
  • The average score for students applying to a two year college is 73 points (18.0/17.6/18.7/18.7)
  • The average score for students applying for undergraduate studies is 78 points (19.1/19/20/19.9)
  • The average score for students applying to graduate school is 84 points (21.4/20.8/20.7/21)
  • The average score for people applying for a professional license is 82 points (20.3/20.4/20.8/20.4)

Meanwhile, ETS also provides average scores for men and women:

  • Men score, on average,  80 points (20.2/19.6/19.7/20.1)
  • Women score, on average, 81 points (20.0, 19.8. 20.6, 20.5)

What are the average scores in different countries?

Also provided are average scores per mother tongue.  These might be useless based on differing numbers of students taking the test, but here are some highlights:

  • Japanese students average  70 points
  • Chinese students average 77 points
  • Korean students average 84 points
  • French students average 85 points
  • German students average 97 points
  • Dutch speakers average 100 points (the highest of all)

The raw data contains even more categories, so be sure to check it out.

What are the average TOEFL scores required in America?

Meanwhile, though, what do schools usually ask for?  I did some of my own research based on the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. I learned:

  • The number one ranked school in the USA, CalTech, requires a TOEFL score of 110 for undergraduates.
  • The number twenty ranked school, Duke University, requires 100 points.
  • The number 101 ranked school, Rice University, requires 100 points
  • The number 193 ranked school, Texas A & M, requires 100 points
  • The University of South Florida (ranked about 250), requires 79 points
  • Colorado State (ranked about 300) requires 79 points
  • American University (ranked about 400) requires 80 points
  • Kansas State University (ranked about 500) requires 79 points.