About the Question

You will listen to a brief academic lecture on an academic topic.  Next, you will be asked a question about the lecture.  

The listening

The lecture is about a single, clear academic topic.  It will be 2 to 2.5 minutes long. The topic will be illustrated using two examples (plus related details), or one example with two clear parts (plus related details).  There is nothing to read.

The lecture is most often about: biology, sociology, business, history/art

The lecture starts with a short introduction that states and defines the subject (3-5 sentences).  After the introduction the example(s) are given.

You will be asked a specific question about the lecture that mostly requires that you summarize the example(s).

Answer Template

Your answer should look something like this:

Stating the Lecture Subject and detail

  • The lecture is about (LECTURE SUBJECT), which is (QUICK DETAIL).

First example/first part (3-5 sentences)

  • First, the professor notes that (DETAILS).  For example, (EXAMPLE).

Second example/second part (3-5 sentences)

  • Secondly, he says that (DETAILS).  For instance (EXAMPLE).

Sample Answer

This is an sample answer to a question from TOEFL Quick Prep Volume 1, page 25.

Stating the Problem
The lecture is about how companies determine the initial price of a product, which is the price of something when it first goes on sale.

First Example/First Part
First, the professor notes that
companies sometimes set a high initial price, which is later lowered. The high price gives consumers a positive impression of the product.  They know the price will go down later, but are willing to pay more to get it right away.  For example, the professor mentions certain high-tech products. Although things like video cameras, video recorders and cell phones were all pricey at first, they became much cheaper later on.”

Second Example/Second Part
he says that companies sometimes set a very low starting price for their goods. This is done when the market is crowded, and they need to undercut their competitors. For instance, he mentions a new computer that needs to get market share. As a result of its low price, it will attract people not usually interested in computers.  The company can make more money later by selling parts and accessories to these customers.”

Video Lesson (Including Sample Answer)