If used properly, TOEFL speaking templates can increase your score in all four of the TOEFL speaking questions.  Use templates by inserting the required information from your notes. We update these templates every few months to make sure they are as fresh and effective as possible. Note that we also have a set of TOEFL essay templates.

You may wish to read our detailed guides to each question for more help.

Question One Template (Personal Choice)

Main Point (pick one)

  • “I agree with the idea that…”
  • “I think it is better to…”
  • “I think it is a great/terrible idea to…”

Transition (optional)

  • “I feel this way for several reasons.”

First Reason

  • “First…” + “For example…” (and a personal example)

Second Reason

  • “Second…” + “To be more specific…” (and a few more details)

Question Two Template (Campus Announcement)

Reading Main Point

  • “According to the announcement/article/letter…”

Reasons from Reading

  • “This is because ___ and ___.”


  • “There are two reasons why the man supports/opposes this change.”
  • “The man has a mixed opinion of this change.” (only for mixed-opinion conversations)

First Reason

  • “First of all, he argues that…”

Second Reason

  • “Moreover, he mentions that…”

Question Three Template (General to Specific)

Stating the Term or Idea

  • “The reading is about (TERM/CONCEPT)”

Give a Small Amount of Detail from the Reading

  • “It states that…”


  • “The professor elaborates on this by providing an example.”
  • “The professor elaborates on this by providing two examples.”

First Example/First Part

  • “To begin with, he/she mentions that…”

Second Example/Second Part

  • “Next, he/she says that…”

Question Four Template (Academic Lecture)

Stating the Lecture Subject and detail

  • “The lecturer explains SUBJECT/TERM by giving two examples/an example.”

First Example/First Part (3-5 sentences)

  • “First, she/he describes…”

Second Example/Second part (3-5 sentences)

  • “Second, she mentions…”

Give a Short Conclusion

  • “These examples (this example) demonstrate…”

Further Reading? Or Writing Templates?

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