The Question

 “In twenty years there will be fewer cars in use than there are today.” Do you agree or disagree?

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The Sample Essay

          Most people agree that cars will always be an important part of society. In my opinion, in the near future there will be many more vehicles in use than there are nowadays. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay.

         First of all, the developing world is rapidly urbanizing, which means that in the future more people will need to drive to their workplace. In the past, most people in developing nations engaged in agricultural labor near their homes. In contrast, today people are more likely to live in apartment buildings far from the businesses and industries where they work. My friend Simon is a compelling example of this. His parents and grandparents worked on farms in northern Sokovia. Occasionally, they traveled short distances on foot, but most of the time they stayed fairly close to the village where they were born. Simon, on the other hand, moved to a city last year to work in a steel plant and drives almost thirty kilometers from his home to the plant every day. All of his co-workers do the same. I can see no indication that this trend will halt in the future. In fact, it seems likely that even more people will experience this.

         Secondly, incomes are rising all over the world, which means that in the future automobiles will be affordable for even more people. In the past, owning a car was a privilege enjoyed only by those living in the developed world. Now, however, consumers in developing countries like China and India purchase millions of cars every year. Simon’s experience is also typical of this trend. At the moment he does not own his own car, but instead gets to work by carpooling with a neighbor. However, he dreams of owning a vehicle of his own. While it might make financial sense for him to continue carpooling or take public transportation, he views car ownership as a symbol of affluence. Simon has even indicated to me that someday he hopes to own two automobiles, just like many people in the west.

          In conclusion, I am of the opinion that in the future there will be more vehicles on the road than there are today. This is because the world is rapidly urbanizing, and because rising incomes will open up even more markets for automobile companies. (391 words)



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