The Question

A large company wants to train its employees to use new techniques. Which is the best way to train the workers?

  • Have all of them attend a training program together
  • Have some of the employees attend the program and later show their coworkers what they learned


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The Sample Essay

         All businesses want their employees to know the latest business practices.  I believe that if a company wants to train its workers, it should send some of them to a comprehensive training program and later have those workers teach everyone else.  I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay.

          First of all, the company can send only its most studious and diligent staff members to attend the program.  Professional training programs can be long and boring, and not everyone has the personality traits needed to successfully complete them.  Participants should be patient, and have the ability to stay focused on a single task for a long time.  The managers of this hypothetical company will probably know which of its employees will be able to properly take advantage of the lessons.  Once they finish them, they can share what they have learned with everyone else.  The rest of the employees will have an easier time with this, since these lessons will be conducted by their friends and will be done in a more casual manner.  Moreover, they will be able to avoid wasting time on any aspects of the program which are not relevant to their own work, or to the company as a whole.

            Secondly, it is a lot more affordable to send just a few employees to an official training program.  Obviously, companies must pay a fee to the organizers of the program.  In addition, they have to pay to transport workers to the training site.  If the program lasts for more than one day, they will also have to cover the cost of everyone’s accommodation.  All of these things can really add up.  Needless to say, the costs will be lower if just a handful of people attend the program.  In contrast, the cost of training a majority of the workers at the company’s headquarters will be much lower.  That’s because it can be done during regular working hours, and no one will have to travel anywhere.  They might have to pay overtime wages to a few employees, but that will still be cheaper than paying travel and hotel costs.

          In conclusion, I think it is better for the company to send just a few staff members to the training program.  This is because they can pick the most diligent people to participate, and they can save a lot of money. (400 words)




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