The Question

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?  In my country, young people have better lives than their parents had when they were young.  Use reasons and examples to support your answer. Note:  This essay uses our TOEFL essay templates.

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The Sample Essay

           The world has changed in many since my parents were young.  In my opinion, my lifestyle is superior to the one they enjoyed at that time. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay.

          First of all, my generation enjoys a lot more leisure time, which makes our lives more fulfilling and enables us to follow our passions.  People today take longer vacations and have more paid time off from their jobs than either of my parents did while they were still employed.  Similarly, we have much shorter working days than they did. For example, nowadays I receive five weeks off from my job each year. I can schedule these holidays as I wish, and even use all of my vacation days at the same time.  As a result, I have been able pursue my love of travel. Unlike earlier generations, I have been able to maintain steady professional employment for my whole life so far, and have also been able to visit every continent on earth.  My parents, in contrast, were only able to travel following their retirement. At that time, however, their age and physical conditions limited their range of experiences.

         Secondly, society provides many more opportunities for women and minorities these days.  In the past, disadvantaged groups had a tough time achieving personal and professional success.  While this is still something of a concern, it is now much easier for members of such groups to follow their dreams.  My own experience, is a compelling example of this. When I was a young woman I was encouraged to attend university and later enter the workforce. On the other hand, my mother was expected to raise children and be a homemaker.  She dreamed of being a business executive and making a lot of money, but her parents and teachers discouraged her from doing that. Unlike me, she was pressured to give up all of her professional aspirations. Her example demonstrates why my life is preferable to the life which she lived when she was young.

            In conclusion, I strongly believe that I have an easier and better life than my parents had just a few decades ago.  This is because I enjoy much more leisure time than they did, and because women today have many more opportunities than they did in the past. (392 words)



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