The Question

In general, people are living longer now. Which of the following do you think accounts for this phenomenon?

  • Technological improvements
  • Changes to education systems
  • Improvements to our diets

Use specific details and examples in your answer.  You may choose more than one cause.

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The Sample Essay

           Without a doubt, people are living longer these days than ever before.  In my opinion, this is a result of many helpful technological advances. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay.

           First of all, developments in medical science have saved and lengthened many lives.  Newly discovered pharmaceuticals and medical devices assist doctors in a wide range of ways.  They help in the prevention of illness, in the diagnosis of disease and during treatment. My personal history is a compelling example of this. Several years ago I was diagnosed with skin cancer.  Fortunately, my cancer was discovered at a very early stage and my doctor treated me right away. Moreover, I fortunately avoided experiencing any unexpected side-effects. All of this happened at a modern facility at a high-tech hospital close to my home. In contrast, several decades ago my grandfather passed away as a result of prostate cancer.  He was diagnosed properly, but not soon enough to save his life. This was because there was simply no technology available to make the diagnosis at that time.

           Secondly, modern technology gives individuals much more manageable working lives than people had in the past.  These days a lot of tasks are automated, which means they are carried out by computers or robotic systems. This means that, unlike in the past, employees don’t need to spend long hours at their workplace every day. For instance, I work just thirty-five hours each week.  This gives me plenty of time in the evenings and weekends to get a lot of exercise and to relieve my stress by pursuing my hobbies. Moreover, most of my friends and colleagues have a similar schedule. I am quite certain that my anxiety-free life and healthy body will help me to live a long time.  My uncle, who is much older than I, worked more than forty-five hours each week during his career. Without machines to pick up the slack for him, his duties were physically demanding and he developed a lot of mental health problems as he aged. The toll his work took on his body was a major cause of his early death by heart attack, in my opinion.  The comparison of myself and my uncle demonstrates how today’s employment conditions help us live longer.

         In conclusion, I strongly believe that technology is the main reason why people today live longer than earlier generations.  This is because it helps us to avoid serious health problems, and it makes our working lives a lot easier to bear. (425 words)


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