Sample TOEFL Integrated Essay

The Question

This integrated (Type 1) question is taken from the Official TOEFL iBT Tests Collection from ETS. I can’t provide the reading and lecture here, but you can find them in that book!

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The Sample Essay

        The reading and the listening are both about smart cars, which are vehicles that are able to drive themselves. The author of the reading describes three benefits related to these cars. The professor casts doubt on each of the theories presented in the reading. He does not feel that the cars are as beneficial as the author assumes.

       First of all, the author states that smart cars will save lives by preventing accidents. It is noted that that the sensors and computer systems used in the smart cars are more efficient than human judgment when it comes to preventing accidents. The lecturer casts doubt on this assertion. He is of the opinion that smart cars will still get into accidents. Moreover, he believes that if smart car technology leads to denser traffic than before, certain types of accidents will be even worse than they currently are.

       Secondly, the author claims that smart cars will lead to the end of traffic problems. The article says that this will result from the fact that smart cars can follow each other closely at higher speeds than regular cars. The lecturer challenges this theory. He states that if driving becomes more convenient, more people will start driving. He says that with more cars on the road, traffic congestion will actually increase.

         Finally, the author points out that smart cars will reduce the cost of driving. As a result of the fact that smart cars are programmed to take very direct routes, owners will not need to spend as much money on repairs and replacement parts. The professor, on the other hand, points out that smart cars utilize a lot of expensive technology not implemented in regular cars. He says that repairing this sort of technology will be more costly than repairing the parts in a normal vehicle.


This TOEFL essay follows our master guide for TOEFL integrated essays.  If you find it useful, please remember that we have many more sample essays for you to read!


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