The Question

What do you think is the best way for the government of your country to improve the environment?

  • Increase public transportation
  • Reduce the construction of new factories
  • Build more parks

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The Sample Essay

Most people agree that everyone in the world should live in a clean and healthy environment.  Personally, I think that the government of my country should improve the environment by reducing the construction of new factories.  I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following essay.

First of all, factories are a major source of air pollution which can seriously damage our health. Most factories emit numerous toxic gases which sometimes cause people who reside near them to develop respiratory illnesses. My own experience is an illustrative example of this. When I was young, I lived in a small village in southern Narnia. There were no factories near my home, and every day I played outside with my friends and breathed clean air. When I turned eighteen, I moved to Paravel, the capital city, to attend university. There are hundreds of factories in Paravel, and they pump toxic fumes into the air all day long. Right away, I developed a terribly sore throat.  Moreover, I quickly became exhausted whenever I tried to play sports outside with my classmates. When I visited a local doctor for help, he mentioned that my problems were due to the poor air quality in Paravel. As a result, I had to remain indoors almost every single weekend.

Secondly, new factories ruin beautiful natural landscapes, which has a negative effect on our mental wellbeing. Everyone needs to spend time in nature to unwind. For instance, during my childhood, I often traveled to a beach near my village. Trips to the beach gave my family a chance to relax and forget about the things we were worried about. Last month, I took a trip to the beach with my own kids. Unfortunately, over the past ten years, numerous factories have been constructed just a few kilometers from the beach. While the area used to be quiet, now it is extremely noisy. In addition, the water is no longer crystal clear. Now it is brown and murky. Had the government restricted industrial development in the area, the beach would still be as beautiful as it was when I was young.

In conclusion, I believe that the best way to improve the environment is to limit the construction of new factories.  This is because it will improve the health of residents, and it will preserve our precious natural landscapes. (396 words)


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