• Hey guys, if you are interested in seeing what the essay evaluations look like, stop by the evaluation sign up page. I just updated the screenshots in the gallery to reflect my current method of checking essays. Previously they showed my old method, which wasn't so easy to follow.... more

  • The Deadly Subject-Verb Agreement Error When I check a student's writing for the first time, I am almost guaranteed to spot a few errors related to subject-verb agreement. Most of these errors are fairly easy for students to identify when proofreading their work, but one type of subject-verb agreement error is difficult for even advanced students to grasp. That type of error... more

  • I am often asked how long the TOEFL essays should be. The quick answer to this is that an independent essay should be between 380 and 400 words, while an integrated essay should be between 280 and 300 words. Let me explain where these numbers come from. It is true that when you are looking at the screen at the test center,... more

  • Hey guys! My good friend Kathy has just published an eBook which covers the reading section of the TOEFL. You can buy it on Amazon right here. The book devotes a chapter to each reading question type and includes strategies to solve them, a list of "traps" used by ETS to trick students, and a ton of sample questions to illustrate these... more

  • Hey guys! I'm pleased to announce my latest project - a series of videos that I call "TOEFL Essay Quick Tips." These videos are all about five minutes in length, and are meant to provide quick advice to students that have already watched my longer videos. You can find the whole series in my YouTube channel. So far I have uploaded videos... more

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