• Hey guys, I want to draw your attention to my friend John's online TOEFL course at Studywithit.com. The regular price is forty bucks for a month of access, but if you enter the coupon code TOEFLRESOURCES you can get it for half price. I don't have a financial interest in this site (and don't get any money if you sign up). I... more

  • When writing your essays, remember that we don't usually use the definite article ("the") before "society." For example, we never say something like: "Because the society is so complex, people are busier than ever." Instead, we just say: "Because society is so complex, people are busier than ever." An exception is when you are talking about a specific society. We do sometimes... more

  • It isn't a huge problem in the TOEFL essays I check for my students, but I see a few "order of adjective" errors every now and then. Today I read that a student "worked in a Japanese major bank." They should have said that they "worked in a major Japanese bank." Here's a quick guide about this grammar point. Be sure to... more

  • Here's a quick tip for you guys: Don't use "doing job-hunting" in your essays. Just treat "job-hunting" as a verb phrase. This means you should NOT write something like: "When I was doing job-hunting in my senior year I talked to Steve Jobs." or: "It is really important to wear nice clothes when doing job-hunting." Instead, you SHOULD use: "When I was... more

  • I've started putting some of the notes and questions from my conversation classes online. You can find the first set of these right here. You'll find an interesting video, discussion questions and related resources. Enjoy!... more

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