• Students often struggle to use "recently" and "nowadays" properly in their writing. Here's a quick guide to the proper usage. The Basics Use "nowadays" to talk about the state of the world, as in: "Nowadays, a lot of people choose to attend university." Use "recently" to talk about a specific event which happened in the recent past, as in: "My husband recently... more

  • Have you recently had a bad experience at a TOEFL testing center? Was your computer station malfunctioning? Did you have problems hearing the questions? Were things too noisy? Please be aware that you have the ability to file a complaint with ETS. If your complaint is successful, your fee may be refunded. To make this process easier, I've just written a guide... more

  • When writing in English, do not use "hardly" to indicate infrequency. For example, you cannot write "I hardly made new friends at university" to say that you didn't often make new friends. To indicate this you should use "rarely." For example, you should write: "I rarely made new friends at university." However, you can use "hardly EVER" to indicate frequency. This means... more

  • Hey guys, I want to draw your attention to my friend John's online TOEFL course at Studywithit.com. The regular price is forty bucks for a month of access, but if you enter the coupon code TOEFLRESOURCES you can get it for half price. I don't have a financial interest in this site (and don't get any money if you sign up). I... more

  • When writing your essays, remember that we don't usually use the definite article ("the") before "society." For example, we never say something like: "Because the society is so complex, people are busier than ever." Instead, we just say: "Because society is so complex, people are busier than ever." An exception is when you are talking about a specific society. We do sometimes... more

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