• Here's my new video about the first TOEFL speaking question. This one has a similar template as the old video, but I've provided a new question and new tips about grammar and vocabulary usage. I think the explanation is a lot more coherent as well. Let me know what you think.... more

  • Moving along, here's the 2018 edition of my guide to the Independent writing task. I tried to make this video a bit shorter than last year's edition, but didn't really succeed. I think the advice is more detailed and helpful, though. I'll post the speaking videos starting tomorrow. Watch this space.... more

  • Hey, I've been updating all of my video guides for the TOEFL writing and speaking sections. For example, here's a direct link to my new video about the integrated essay (writing question one). Stay tuned for videos about all of the questions. In the meantime, I also plan to update the specific text guides here on the page to reflect the new... more

  • These days, many of my essay evaluation students ask if I am able to provide one-on-one tutoring through Skype or Hangouts. While I do teach a small number of students that way, often I am unable to find the time for that kind of teaching. What happens in those cases? Well, I send them to a qualified expert! I'm lucky enough to... more

  • Students often struggle to use "recently" and "nowadays" properly in their writing. Here's a quick guide to the proper usage. The Basics Use "nowadays" to talk about the state of the world, as in: "Nowadays, a lot of people choose to attend university." Use "recently" to talk about a specific event which happened in the recent past, as in: "My husband recently... more

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