• TOEFL Resources is pleased to announce that we have just partnered with the wonderful folks over at Score Nexus to offer a special discount to TOEFL students. Just purchase your practice tests using this affiliate link to get a reduced price. ScoreNexus offers high-quality TOEFL practice tests all of which are graded by actual human beings. It's a great site so do... more

  • I have just updated one of the most popular sections of this site - our TOEFL essay templates. These templates should be all you need to start writing effective essays as you practice for the test. I've based them on what I've learned from working with intermediate and high-intermediate students in a classroom setting over the last six months. I think that... more

  • One of the most popular features on this site is our collection of TOEFL speaking templates. If you haven't checked them out please do so - they've just been updated and tweaked for maximum effectiveness. Students often ask me if it is alright to use a speaking template. They like the idea of using such a template, but they often worry that... more

  • TOEFL Resources has just been relaunched with lots of new content and a whole new design. What do you think? What would you like to see more of? Leave a comment below!... more

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