• Hey guys! My good friend Kathy has just published an eBook which covers the reading section of the TOEFL. You can buy it on Amazon right here. The book devotes a chapter to each reading question type and includes strategies to solve them, a list of "traps" used by ETS to trick students, and a ton of sample questions to illustrate these... more

  • Hey guys! I'm pleased to announce my latest project - a series of videos that I call "TOEFL Essay Quick Tips." These videos are all about five minutes in length, and are meant to provide quick advice to students that have already watched my longer videos. You can find the whole series in my YouTube channel. So far I have uploaded videos... more

  • I have finally finished uploading videos for EVERY one of the TOEFL speaking questions. I'm glad to finally have produced some tips to the first and second speaking questions. Let me know if you have any questions about them. Find the whole set by visiting the playlist.... more

  • Hey guys! I finally uploaded the 2017 edition of my guide to the independent TOEFL essay. This reflects everything that I have learned over the past year about writing good essays, so I hope it will be of use to you. Next I will begin producing new videos about the speaking section. Stay tuned!... more

  • And now, the Web version of our guide to the integrated TOEFL essay has been updated to match the content of the video. This means that it has all-new templates and sample paragraph. It also mentions all of the little hints and tips referred to in the video. Meanwhile, I have made preparations to update the independent essay video. I've finished the... more

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