• I took the new TOEFL! Well, sort of! I took a simulation of the new version of the test. Here's my video report on all the details.... more

  • Hey guys, my friend Josh MacPherson has given me a coupon code for the TST Prep store. If you use the coupon code "goodine10off" you'll score a 10% discount on most purchase. The main product I recommend is the Complete Test Pack, which comes with 10 complete TOEFL tests. The best thing about these tests is that they are accurate, and are... more

  • Hey, I recently uploaded a whole new video about recent changes to the speaking and writing sections of the test. Basically, the independent writing questions are getting much longer, as are the independent speaking questions. It is also possible to get 25 points in the speaking section (previously that was impossible). Here's a quick link to the video. Let me know what... more

  • My good friend Josh has made available a hundred practice reading questions. These are all really accurate and also entirely new and never before seen. Make sure to check 'em out.... more

  • Hey, my friend John reached out a few weeks ago to a handful of TOEFL experts (including myself) to create a collection of top tips for passing the test. The result is right here. Do check it out to read some really quick advice that might help you get a few extra points.... more

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