Updated August 2, 2019

The Speaking Section of the TOEFL Shouldn't be so Hard.

It really shouldn't.  The problem that most students have is that they don't get proper feedback when they practice for the speaking section.  They take test after test, but continue to make the same mistakes again and again.

But Don't Worry.  We can Help.

Sign up now and get:

  • An accurate estimate of how your practice answers would score on test day (1-30 points).
  • Corrections and suggestions regarding your content, organization, pronunciation, accent and grammar.
  • Feedback within 48 hours.  
  • Note that we also offer writing evaluations

Here's How it Works:

  1. Purchase a package using the PayPal link below.  Save money by purchasing multiple evaluations.
  2. Record your next speaking practice answers.
  3. E-mail your audio recording (any format) to TOEFLResources: essayevaluation@toeflresources.com
  4. You will receive a detailed response within forty-eight hours
  5. You can send recordings all at once, or individually as they are made.

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