The Question

It has recently been announced that a new restaurant may be built in your neighborhood. Do you support or oppose this plan? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Taken from Volume 1 of the Official Test Collection.



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Sample Essay

    The opening of something as simple as a restaurant can bring about a lot of changes to a community.  In my opinion, the opening of such a business would be beneficial for my town, and I would support it.  I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following essay.

    First of all, businesses like restaurants provide valuable job opportunities for young people who live nearby.  Positions at a restaurant do not require much prior experience, so they can be held by college students and even teenagers who are still in high school.  Working part time can help young people pay for things like college tuition which they might not be able to afford otherwise.  My cousin’s experience is a compelling example of what I mean.  My cousin began university soon after he graduated from high school.  At first, he did not have enough money to pay for his tuition, so he took out a big student loan to cover it.  However, during his first semester a McDonald’s franchise opened close to his home.  My brother applied for a position there and was fortunate enough to be hired.  Thanks to the salary that he earned working there during evenings and weekends, he did not need to get a loan for the remainder of his time as a student.  He graduated with only a small debt, and he says this is because of his job at the restaurant.

    Secondly, a new restaurant can introduce us to aspects of a culture we are not familiar with.  These days, many popular restaurants serve ethnic foods, so by eating in them we can learn about a culture that is unfamiliar to use. For example, a few years ago an Ethiopian diner opened in my home town.  I had never eaten Ethiopian food at that time, but I ordered a plate of food there during its first week of operations.  Everything about the meal was new to me, from the ingredients to the seasonings and even the fact that Ethiopian food is usually eaten using our hands rather than a fork and knife.  This was an eye-opening experience for me, and I was actually inspired to someday visit Ethiopia so I could learn more about the country.  I am not sure when this trip will occur, but I am determined to make it happen before I finish university.

    In conclusion, I am totally in support of a new restaurant opening in my town.  This is because it would provide more employment opportunities for young people, and because it would possibly introduce me to a new culture and cuisine.