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Express Essay Evaluation

Well the TOEFL Forum is such a success that I cannot keep up with all the requests for essay review.  As a result I've launched a paid express evaluation service.  If you can't wait for me to review your essay on the forum you can now pay for express service.  Paid essays will be reviewed within 24 hours and are satisfaction-guaranteed.  The introductory price is $5 for one essay, $8 dollars for two and $10 for three.  Buy now because these prices will go up!

-Mike, May 20

Sample TOEFL Questions and Essays

New on the site is a collection of example TOEFL essay questions and answers. The essays are all from actual students. They are accompanied by comments and and an evaluation done by myself

Mike, March 26

Visit the Forum<

Well, I haven't written much on this "blog" lately because all my attention has been focused on our forum. Dozens of TOEFL essays have been reviewed there.

If you need a TOEFL essay reviewed please post in in the forum!

-Mike, March 23

Speaking Templates Online

Content development continues apace.  We've now got templates for the speaking section. These very short guides complement the longer guide to the independent speaking questions that I put online last week.

Meanwhile, the forum has a new look... and is very busy. Do stop by for a visit.

-Mike, November 12

Sample Essays

I've put some more sample essays into the writing evaluation section.

-Mike, November 9, 2012

We Have a Forum!

We now have a forum. I'm going to start directing requests for essay review to the forum. It'll work the same as e-mail, but will help to build up a community.

There are also topics on the forum dedicated to general questions about the TOEFL, about finding a partner to practice speaking with via SKYPE, English grammar and usage, and about general chit chat.  Do stop by!

-Mike, November 7, 2012

Listening Section Done. Sort of.

And the listening section now contains a quick look at all of the questions found in that part of the TOEFL. The listening section is the hardest part to make a guide about. Representing an audio test using words sort of leaves readers short-changed, but I hope that the guide helps a few people out.

Next up: uploading my recent essay evaluations. And maybe... creating a TOEFL Resources forum!

-Mike, November 6, 2012

Listening Section Online

And we have a listening section! it is a little sparse right now - just links to some outside resources - but I am happy that all of the main sections have been filled-in to some extent.  Up next:  a list of the types of questions found in the listening section of the test and some additions to our essay evaluation page.  Yes... people ARE using the service. Use it while you can... it won't be free forever.

-Mike, November 6

About our Site Graphics

You may have noticed the great looking graphics that illustrate our section guides. I just want to mention that they are all made using Lucidchart, a tool that produces most wonderful flowcharts and diagrams.  It is a handy way to organize speaking and writing techniques in an aesthetically pleasing way.  I mention this here because it was just brought to my attention that Lucidchart offers free accounts to students... and just about everyone reading this site is a student.  Nice!

-Mike, November 5

Reading Section Updated

I added that graphic to the start of the reading section, which means that it is just about done.

Meanwhile, I used that section for the first time with a student today... which gave me the chance to spot all of my embarrassing typos.  Whoops.  At least they have all been corrected.  Well, probably not, but at least there are fewer than there were yesterday.

Next up is to start the listening section.

I've also evaluated a couple more essays that  need to be added the evaluation and rating section. 

-Mike, November 5, 2011

Reading Section Done!

And the reading section is done.  Sort of.  I've written a general introduction and descriptions of all ten (!) different types of questions you will see on the test.  There is more I want to do - create a graphic to explain note taking techniques, for starters - but that will come later.  First I want to get on to filling out the listening section so that the site looks more complete.

We've even started to get a few visitors.  I've shared the link with a few TOEFL test takers posting on forums and today a few people started coming in via Google searches, which is pretty cool considering that the domain name has only been registered for five days!  Google sure works fast.

Meanwhile, I've done another free rating of a TOEFL essay (this one an integrated essay) and I will post it to the site when I have the time.  If you want your essay rated send it along.  If the service becomes popular you might have to wait for help!  For now expect a same-day reply.

-Mike, November 4, 2012

Reading Section Launched

Work continues apace!  Today I launched our reading section.  Our step-by-step guide to the types of questions you'll find in the reading section is about half done.  I hope to write about the rest in the next few days.  The section currently covers four different types of questions and includes sample questions original to this site.

In the future I hope to create more sample questions and sample articles.

-Mike, November 3, 2012

Essay Evaluation Service Launched

Now the site is starting to be helpful and to look cool.  The navigation system is now working the way I want it to work (simple, clean, efficient) and I have just launched our free essay evaluation service.  Yes, that's right... free essay evaluation.  If you e-mail me your essay, I will evaluate it, fix your mistakes and tell you how to write a BETTER essay  next time.  This is what I get paid to do in real life, but since I want this little website to get some visitors I am doing it for free online.  Take advantage of the opportunity while you can!

-Mike, November 2, 2012

Speaking Section Updated

I've just finished a guide to the independent speaking section!  Next up is a guide to the integrated speaking section and then some notes about the reading and listening sections. 

-Mike, October 31, 2012

The Site is Live

TOEFL Resources is alive!  Well, sort of.  The domain is registered and the CMS has been set up and I have finished the writing section and the index page.  Other than that, the site is empty.  I somehow doubt if anyone is reading this (yet), but if you are please feel free to e-mail me with comments, suggestions or encouragement.

Up next is the speaking section, though I don't have enough notes to fil out the whole thing.  I will concentrate on the independent tasks and the listening-speaking section for now.

-Mike, October 30, 2012