Bad news from Hyderabad, as suspected test cheat Guna Sekhar continues to evade capture by police. Says the Times of India:

“Cops are yet to catch the accused, Guna Sekhar, who was approached by the ETS decoy candidate – a private investigator. Sekhar has been changing his location frequently and cops are hoping to locate him through technical surveillance as he had provided a phone number and also received Rs 25,000 as UPI payment.”

Meanwhile, back at the station, officers haven’t yet figured out how he did it:

“ETS had conducted the sting operation in Hyderabad as a test case after coming to know about fraudulent practices being adopted during home-based GRE test by some candidates in collusion with these fraudsters across the country. Though the complainant alleged that the fraudster managed to click photos of the questions on the computer screen and then shared the same with unknown associate through WhatsApp to get answers, investigators are perplexed how this was accomplished by Sekhar as the candidate has to show the entire room to the proctor who keeps watch during the test to ensure there is no malpractice.”

Anyone who spots Mr. Sekhar is urged to contact local police via a written report which displays unity, progression and coherence.

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