I got this press release the other day about TOEFL’s “vibrant rebrand.”

It notes, in part:

“The new logo includes a stylized asterisk symbol, which it shares with the recently rebranded ETS, signifying both brands’ commitment to advancing the science of measurement through groundbreaking research to power human progress. The updated signature TOEFL periwinkle color highlights the brand’s innovativeness and dependability.”

Says newly-hired TOEFL GM Omar Chihane:

“Our learners are defined by a desire to create a stronger, better world around them. English-language proficiency helps them pave the way for the positive change they wish to see. TOEFL supports them along that journey, and this rebrand reflects that.”

A new color scheme (and accompanying logo) isn’t the sort of innovation that we’ll all been begging for.  And this reband probably won’t attract many new test takers.  But branding is important.  One hopes that this is the beginning of something positive from the folks at ETS.

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