TOEFL Writing Course: The Hub

I’m making a writing course!

First, the good news: the course will be free. It will always be free.

Next, the bad news: the course isn’t finished. It will take some time to finish.

I understand that might be a bit annoying, but as you will see, I’m going to upload the course here as I build it. That means you’ll benefit at least a little bit right away, and you can also tell me what you want from the course. If some of my lessons are unclear you will have an opportunity to let me know.

The Lessons – The Independent Essay

Here are the lessons that make up the course. Links are to those completed at this time:

  • Question types and topics
  • Basic essay templates
  • Writing a great introduction
  • Writing great body paragraphs
  • Writing a great conclusion
  • Better essays: Vocabulary strategies
  • Better essays: Discourse phrases
  • Better essays: Grammar strategies
  • Better essays: Coming up with ideas
  • Using your time wisely
  • How is the essay scored?


This course will be more rewarding if you have a copy of the Official Guide to the TOEFL. That link is to the 5th edition of the book (from 2017). You can also use the 4th edition, which is cheaper.

You might also want to pick up at least one of the two Official Test Collection books.

For additional practice tests, I recommend the ten test collection from TSTPrep. Use the coupon code “goodine10off” for a 10% discount.

Basically, the course is more rewarding if you have some real questions to practice with. The three aforementioned sources are worthwhile in this regard!


  1. Hello Michael:
    It is undeniable that your writing course will be one of the best, if not The Best course ever.
    I have a question for you. If I decide to purchase “The ten test collection from TSTPrep”, as you recommend, will I be able to use it once all tests are done for future reference (just in case I needed).
    I ask you this because I have been using BestMyTest to study but I got tired and used to the same questions and can only use it only for the period of time the preparation package is active. I want to try something different and fresh for my preparation.
    Let me know.
    A big thanks.

    1. I think TST Prep is good for one year. Honestly, it will probably take me at least six months to build this course. That means that you will be able to use their questions… but don’t depend too much on this course being useful for your preparations. I am too slow. 🙂

      Stop using BestMyTest. It is trash.

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