Students often ask what it means when their TOEFL account says something like:

“Scores not available”


“Tested – Score Not Available”

This kind of status is totally normal.  That’s what it is supposed to say.  If your status says that, you just need to wait for the scores to arrive.  If you took the test at home it will take ten days for the scores to arrive, and if you took the test at a test center, it will take six days for your scores to arrive.

The other common status is something like

“On Hold”


“Tested – Scores On Hold”

This status is not good.  It means your scores are in “administrative review” and you will have to wait up to 30 days for your final result.  This usually  happens during the TOEFL Home Edition if there was some technical problem, or if the proctoring software’s AI detected something abnormal.  The challenge for students is that they think everything was totally normal… but the scores still go on hold.  I’ve got an entire blog post about this issue.  Basically, though, you can call the office of testing security at ETS.

Those are the main status states shown in your account.  Sometimes after the test you might still see:



“Checked In”

Those are also normal.  Usually your score will come in 6 or 10 days.  Don’t worry about them.

If you guys see any other statuses please let me know and I will add them to the list.

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