TOEFL Score Reviews Much Faster Now

According to reports, TOEFL score reviews (that is, re-scoring) are now much faster than before. I haven’t gotten confirmation, but according to ETS customer service, score reviews are now finished in 24 to 72 hours. In the past, these took up to ten days, just like a regular score report.

In fact, one student has told me that her writing section score review took just ten hours to complete this week.

This is interesting. Indeed, considering the changes to the speaking section’s length and scoring process, it likely does not take as long as before to grade the test.

I wonder if this is foretelling faster TOEFL score reports in general. Now that it is possible to take the test every single week, many students would appreciate getting their scores in just three days. I have heard nothing about this, however.

Stay tuned. I’ll let you know what I find out.


  1. i have requested score reviews on speaking part three times but nothing changed, the score showed up was the same( 25) . I am not sure if they really review the score or not. I don’t think this change will make any difference.

  2. I feel the rescoring is just a way to collect money and do nothing as I got the same score again within a few hours. TOEFL is not a fair English test at all.

  3. hello is it true even if you requested a rescore if 25 it will still be the same,?Ive tried to rescore my score in Speaking of 25 today.

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