The price to take the TOEFL Test increased in many countries on February 1. I track prices in about 60 countries and spotted changes in the following (in parenthesis is the change in USD):

Azerbaijan (+15), Benin (+10), Bolivia (+15), Brazil (+5), Canada (+15), Cuba (+5), Egypt (+40), Ethiopia (+15), Guadalupe (+20), Guatemala (+20), Hong Kong (+15), India (+5), Iran (+20), Israel (+10), Italy (+35), Jordan (+20), Kenya (+5), Mexico (+15), Nigeria (+80), Palestinian Territories (+15), Paraguay (+10), Lima (+10), Saudi Arabia (+20), South Africa (+10), Spain (+20), Sweden (+10), Tajikistan (+5), UAE (+20), USA (+10).

Interestingly, the handful of price decreases I noted a few weeks ago were all reversed, except for the cut in Germany. That accounts for the very large increase in Nigeria.

I think increasing prices decreases equity in education.

I’ll put these up on the blog in a nice chart, as usual, when I return home from my holiday. I’ve spent altogether too much time on this island thinking about tests.

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