Many users have recently reported problems logging into their TOEFL accounts. This is probably because they also have a GRE account. I’ve been reading daily reports of this for the past 2.5 weeks.  It took me until today to reproduce it myself.

Here is a description of the problem and a couple of solutions.

You cannot be signed into both your TOEFL account and your GRE account at the same time. If you try to log in to your GRE account when you are already logged into your TOEFL account you will get this error:

“It appears that you have encountered a glitch with our Sign In system”

If you try to log into your TOEFL account when you are already logged into your GRE account you will get this error:

“ took too long to respond.”

Solution 1:

To permanently avoid this problem you should manually log out of the other account. Don’t just close the window, but actually click the “sign out” button. Each time you finish using your TOEFL or GRE account you should manually sign out of it.

Solution 2:

You can also try using an incognito or private browser window to log in.  But you will have to repeat this every time you want to log in.

Solution 3:

Resetting your password may also work, but the same bug may prevent you from accessing the reset password page.

Sometimes none of these solutions will work.  I’m sorry.  If that happens you should call ETS.  Students have reported that their customer support team has been able to solve the problem.  Contact info for ETS is available over here.


(This post was updated January 20, 2022)

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