ETS seems to be working on a new version of the TOEFL currently called “TOEFL Ladders.”   This new version may be offered alongside the traditional versions of the test (Internet Based and Paper Delivered). Not much is known at this time, but as information becomes available I will add it here.

Currently, some students have been given surveys asking their opinion about “TOEFL Ladders.”  The surveys seem to indicate:

  • It will be taken from home.
  • It will be shorter than the iBT.
  • All scores will be available immediately.
  • It will be cheaper than the iBT.
  • Scoring will not involve humans.
  • Additional score reports will be free.

Of course, all of the above could change.  Or the test might never be introduced.

Overall, the test seems to be somewhat similar to the Duolingo English Test.  If you guys learn anything new, leave a comment below or send me an email.  I’ll update this page as I learn more.


Here is a rough transcript of the description that ETS has sent to some students:

TOEFL Ladders

Overview: Measures the English language proficiency for people seeking admission to an education institution, immigration to an English speaking country, Employment in an English speaking workplace.

How the Test is Taken

Test Sections: The test is taken in ONE session for reading, listening, writing and speaking

Test Format: Reading, listening, writing and speaking are done at a computer.  The test questions are presented at a computer and the test taker types the answers using a keyboard.

Speaking is done by talking into the computer using a headset with a microphone.  During the speaking portion of the test, a webcam will record you while you speak your answer to the first questions. The video recording will be made available to institutions where you send your scores.

The test is conducted and proctored by remote proctors over the Internet.

Where the Test is Taken

At home.

Total Testing Time

Approximately 1.5 hours

Re-Taking the Test

No limitation on the number of times you can take the test.  There is no waiting period required between tests.

Receiving and Sending Scores

Score Availability: Unofficial scores for reading, listening, writing and speaking are available immediately after the test.  Official scores are available three days after the test.

Sending Scores (test taken only once): Scores from the entire test are sent.

Sending Scores (test taken more than once): Two sets of scores are sent to score recipients: a) scores from the test administration of your choice will be sent as usual, b) in addition, MyBest Scores – a combination of your highest section scores for reading, listening, writing and speaking from all the tests you took in the past 3 years will be automatically included in the score report.

Number of Score Reports: Unlimited free score reports. Recipients can be designated at any time.

Scoring Method (speaking and writing): Automated Scoring


Half the price of the TOEFL test you took most recently.




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