Okay, here’s what I learned about the TOEFL iBT Paper Edition after reading:

  • The TOEFL Bulletin
  • The Practice Test
  • The ETS website

From the Bulletin:

  • The Bulletin says that the speaking section is taken two days following the R, L and W sections.  This conflicts with the ETS announcement, which says it is taken three days later.  I do not know which is correct. Update:  According to TOEFL head Srikant Gopal, the test can be taken up to three days later.  The Bulletin is incorrect.
  • The Bulletin says that the paper edition is available in Brazil.  But according to TOEFL head Srikant Gopal this is not correct.  It is not available in Brazil.
  • You cannot register for the paper edition via the TOEFL app.  You must use the website.
  • The fee for rescheduling the entire paper edition test is $60. The fee for rescheduling the speaking section is $30.
  • Important: bring your email confirmation to the test center.  You will need to write the appointment number in your test booklet.
  • There is a 10 minute break after the listening section.
  • There are no unofficial scores, of course.
  • Scores are reported 11-13 business days after you take the test.  This is longer than the regular test center edition (6 calendar days) and the home edition (10 calendar days).
  • You can cancel your scores after completing either the R, L and W or S sections.  If you cancel after either section, all of the scores will be cancelled.
  • Scores are sent 15 business days after you take the test.
  • Additional score reports are free.
  • Score review is not available.

From the free practice test I learned:

  • It has the same questions as the other iBT versions, of course.
  • There is a question booklet and a separate answer sheet. For R and L you select answers by filling in circles with a pencil.  Just like in the old days.  For W you write the essays.
  • You are not permitted to jump between sections.
  • Since the answers are selected by filling in a circle with a pencil, I suspect that “table” questions won’t be used in the reading section.  That’s just a guess though.
  • You will have thirty seconds to answer each listening question and then the next question will be played by the administrator.  That’s a slightly different timing scheme than the regular test, where you control when the next question is played.
  • Some space for notes is provided in your booklet.
  • You can switch freely between the two essay questions.  You may only work on one at a time, in the time you are given.

From the website I learned:

  • The e-rater is not used to grade the essays.
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