Question:  What is the maximum size for the whiteboard in the TOEFL Home Edition?

Answer:  According to ETS (unofficially), you can use any size.  But it must be able to fit flat on your desk, without any part hanging over the side of the desk.


Question:  Can I use more than one whiteboard?

Answer:  No.  You can use only one.


Question:  Can I use both sides of the whiteboard?

Answer:  According to ETS (unofficially) you can use both sides.  Ask the Proctor when you take the test, though.


Question:  Can I write on the whiteboard during the break?

Answer:  You must totally clear your whiteboard after the break.


Question:  Can I use a high-tech “accordion” whiteboard, or a “notebook” whiteboard?

Answer:  No.


Tip:  Even if the proctor doesn’t ask directly, you should show yourself clearing the whiteboard after the break and at the end of the test.


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