If you are taking the TOEFL Home Edition, make sure to check your microphone.  Don’t just use the ProctorU website test, but actually make a recording and listen to it.

I often get sample answers from students that sound horrible.  They sound like they were recorded using Thomas Edison’s wax tube machine.  I can barely understand what they are saying.  The worst part is that the TOEFL raters will have the same challenge!  This could affect your score… or result in a score hold.

Internal microphones (like in your laptop) are often terrible.  If yours is bad, consider getting an external microphone.

Just remember that you cannot use a headset microphone.  Nothing can cover your ears during the test.  Therefore,  you should use either an internal laptop microphone or one that sits on your desk.

I’m not a microphone expert, but I really like the Samson SAGOMIC Go Mic.  It is pretty cheap, and I use it regularly in my life.  It makes clear recordings.

My favorite “expensive” microphone is the Blue Yeti Nano.

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