Big news in the world of TOEFL.

This August ETS is launching a new test called “TOEFL Essentials.”  If you want to learn about the test, check out this report in Inside Higher Ed.  That report contains all of the information we currently know, but I’m doing my best to gain additional details.

A few highlights from the article are:

  • It will take 90 minutes to complete
  • It will cost about half of what the TOEFL iBT costs
  • It will cover academic as well as “conversational” English
  • It has “more tasks, but they are shorter”

All in all, this sounds somewhat similar to the “TOEFL Ladders” concept I posted about here way back in March of last year.

The test seems to be a response to  the growing popularity of the new Duolingo English Test, which has become very popular this year.  Indeed, the article actually contains some very tense words on that subject, so I encourage you to check it out.

I don’t know anything about the actual content of the test, but I have put out feelers for more details.

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