I want to draw attention to a new site called  TOEFL Bank , which a lot of students have been using for preparation lately.  It takes a new approach to preparation, and purports to use AI deep learning to score practice essays and speaking responses submitted by students.  

The site contains 14 practice tests which are somewhat accurate.

Do check it out and let me know what you think.  I’m especially interested in comparing scores from the AI to my own estimates.

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Hello Micheal, I’m Ceyhun from Turkey.

I had a chance to test TOEFL Bank out yesterday, and I must say it’s remarkable.I don’t even know how this AI evaluate the essays but it motivated me a lot by giving me the score higher than I expected. This website also gives you the chance to review your answers and even some feedbacks to learn from your mistakes. Great website!

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Do ch

Thank you for the help 🙏🙏🙏

Ilham Akbar

Hi Michael, I have tried 4 practice test form TOEFL Bank and loved it so far. I have not play around with it yet (like purposely doing bad to see how I score) so I still don’t now how accurate it is. A question tho, did you get 28 on writing in the image attached by using your templates ? Thanks in advance


I tried Toefl Bank and the the speaking session is not evaluated with AI. I took the test 3 days ago and I am still waiting for the score. Also in the practice sections, both speaking and writing, you don’t get a score.

@Micheal, here there is something interesting for you: I got only 3.5 in the integrated essay and the system says that main reason for that is because I did not write a conclusion. My essay was 310 words and used the template suggested by you. What do you think about that?


I talked with their customer service. They confirmed that, at the moment, only essays on actual tests are graded by AI. Speaking task are graded by humans. Also, I asked about the practice tests, and they said that both speaking and writing tasks are graded by humans.

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Hello. Do you know why it is free? Do they charge for other services or how can they afford to offer it for free? I have used Scorenexus in the past with them, only the zip test is free and only the reading and listening section is graded for free.


Hi Michael, I have a question for you. In the speaking session, I score 25 with the ETS e-rater; TOEFL Bank (rated by humans) grades me 28-29. Which one do you think is more reliable, and why?


I meant not the actual test, but the practice test, which is rated only by the software. It is strange because in the details it gives me 98% in 3 areas, 92% in 1, 88% in 1, and about 63% in the remaining two. What do you think?