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January, 2021:

THANK YOU SO MUCH MICHAEL for your amazing feedback! I’m so happy to let you know that thanks to your videos and feedback, I scored 113 and 26 in speaking. I’m so grateful for you! I got Reading 29, Listening 30, Speaking 26 and writing 28. Yes, I got the required scores towards a pharmacy professional license!

-M.S, pharmacist (USA)

Thank you for your suggestions. Got 29/30 in writing.  My total test score is 115/200: Reading 30/30, Listening 28/30, Speaking 28/30, Writing 29/30. I followed your template and comments for the writing section. It really helped me in getting a high score.


Just want to thank you one more time for your patience, flexibility and support!  Now my score is 100.  We did it!


During the past few months, I benefited a lot from your course materials on your YouTube channel and website. Recently I have taken TOEFL and attained 105 with speaking and writing of 24. I want to express my gratitude for your guidance and assistance Especially for your tips for the speaking & writing section.


February, 2021

Thank you very much for all your help, comments and suggestions. Everything was very helpful. I took the TOEFL last week and thanks to you I got 28 pts on the writing part.  I will definitely recommend you!


I just want to let you know that I am admitted to MIT today! Thank you so much for your        great support, and I really liked your professional advice, which I believe contributed to my success a lot.


I am so glad that you helped me improving my score. Your comprehensive reviews of essay and the templates were the game changer for me. Thank you so very much. 


March, 2021

29 for Speaking and 27 for Writing! The total score is 113!!!!! WOW!!!


I would like to say thank you for your great templates, I already got my dream scores because of you. 


I wanted to thank you for helping me with the speaking section. I got the score that I needed. You can’t imagine how frustrated I was about not getting a 24 in the speaking section. Now I can participate in a program to get a certification as a teacher. 


I got 26 in writing thanks to your support! I finally broke through the wall!

-T.O, Japan

Just want to let you know that I got a 27 in writing on last week’s TOEFL, which is exactly the minimum score I need. Big thanks to your help! 


I got 27 in both speaking and writing!  That was so much higher than my expectations.  Thank you for your help!

-M.P, Korea

April, 2021

I am super happy to announce that I got the scores I need on the TOEFL! They are the following: R29 L30 S28 W29. I am very happy and can’t thank you enough for all the help.


Woohoo!  It worked out! I scored 113 and 30/30 in writing. You did a really good job! Thanks a lot for helping me!

-J.M, Germany

I don’t know how to thank you.  I am speechless. I finally I passed the TOEFL exam. I took the test last Friday, and results just came up. I got 25 in writing.

-M.F, pharmacist (USA)

May, 2021

I want to inform you that I got 102 points (R29/L25/S21/W27). Thank you very much for your continuous support. 

-M.O, Japan

I want to report my recent achievement. I took the TOEFL test several times after I finished your services, and eventually I got 100 in total on April 25.  Thanks to your support, I was able to improve my writing score from 21 to 26.

-H.K, Japan

I am so happy to say that I scored 27 in writing on my last TOEFL test.  After scoring 26 for three times, I have finally reached 27.

-C.C, Colombia

I have just received the score of TOEFL that I took last week, and it was 115 (W28).  Your tutoring was really helpful.  Thank you again.

-T.H, Japan

June, 2021

I got 24 points in the writing section! This would not have been possible without your help. Thank you so much, Mike! I’m so happy now 🙂

-E.J, Korea

I just received my final scores on the test, I got 30, 29, 29 and 26. So this score will be sufficient for the school I am applying for. Again, thank you so much for all your help! I really could not have done it without you.


I would like to tell you that I just reached my dream score! I scored 24 in writing and I want to say thank you! Your evaluation helped me a lot and I really appreciate your help.


July, 2021

I wanted to let you know that I was able to hit my target score on the TOEFL! The total score was 111 (R29, L26, S26, W30). All thanks to you, I got a perfect score on the writing section! I am so grateful for your help! 

-A.K, Japan

I have great news! My total score is 118! Very very happy with this result!!!! I just wanted to thank you a lot for your service and contribution. My only method of studying was to use your blogs + evaluation service + actual TOEFL materials for practice. You deserve part of this merit! I’ll make sure to recommend your materials to others.


I am contacting you because I have just received my scores! R30, L29, S28 and W30!!! I am SHOCKED! Again, huge thanks for your priceless contribution to the online English language learning community. If I ever need to retake the TOEFL after my current diploma has expired, I will definitely resort to your materials once more.


To get a job interview, I need a score higher than 95 as soon as possible. Your template was so amazing that I could reach 100 on the first attempt! The second attempt  was 105! Both times my writing score was 27!  The writing score was essential for me to reach my goal.

-Y.S, Japan

A quick update! I got 26 in the writing section , and I got admission offers from UBC and Yale! Can not thank you enough. You really helped me a lot. 

-J.C, Taiwan

I am pleased to inform that I am planning to study at NYU Law School from this autumn.
Without your diligent support for my TOEFL preparation, I would not be admitted to NYU.

-Y.G, Japan

August, 2021

I took the TOEFL on 20th July and my scores were released today. I scored 117 overall with 28 in the writing section. It is because of your articles on TOEFL Resources that I was able to score way above I ever imagined I could (I’m not a native English speaker). Your blog on how to approach the integrated writing task was a HUGE help and it boosted my confidence. Your video on how to come up with ideas for the writing section was really helpful too. I’m grateful to you and TOEFL Resources. Thank you so much.


Hi Michael, I finally got my TOEFL scores.  They are as follows: R-28, L-30, S-30, and W-29. Thank you for your guidance.


September, 2021

I want to say thanks for helping me out with writing. My score is 23 and my program requires 21. BEFORE your support in writing I got 18 twice. Thank you! Thank you so much!


Finally, we did it!  I received my results and we got 22 points in the writing section. Thank you for your help! It is much appreciated.


I finished the test 10 days ago and got my result today. I am happy that I scored 105 overall! The writing score was 28. Thank you so much for your evaluation! I did what you told me, which was not to write too many fancy words and to use the words naturally. I focused on staying on-topic and checked my grammar while writing. I learnt a lot from your model essays and YouTube videos too.  A big thank you to you!

-C.X, Malaysia

Thanks to you, I got 24 in the writing section! I’m pretty sure I couldn’t reach my goal without your help! I’m so satisfied with your service! I have definitely improved my writing skills thanks to you. Your service was worth more than  price!! I will definitely recommend that my friends use your service if they tell me they are preparing for the TOEFL.

-S.I, Japan

I took the TOEFL test on 9/4, and the result of the writing section was 23. The previous score of my writing section was 17, so I improved a lot thanks to you! It was surprising that it took only two months to get a six point improvement. Thank you very much!

-S.T, Japan

October, 2021

I want to tell you that I got 25 on the writing section of the TOEFL test. This is my very first try on the test, and I don’t think I could do this without your help. Thank you so much! 


I just finished the exam and I got 27 in writing. Thank you so much for the evaluation and help. I appreciate your work!


November, 2021

I just got my scores and I got 25 in writing! I’ve reached my goal. It’s such a pleasure to work with you. Your essay evaluation service is definitely worth it! You helped me to notice mistakes that I didn’t see before.


I’ve got good news today, which is that I achieved my target TOEFL score  on November 13. The score was 100 (R30, L26, S21, W23). I appreciate your intense support!

-Y.O, Japan

I want to thank you for your help!! Regarding the writing section, the manner in which I wrote was consistent with the last essay I submitted to you, so I would guess they really liked your template! 


December, 2021

I took the test last week and got 25 in the writing section! I appreciate your support. My overall score of this time is 102 (R25, L30, S22, W25). I’m thrilled to achieve my target score. Thank you again. Your sophisticated support helped me improve my writing skills, which increased my possibility of getting permission to enroll in my dream school.

-R.N, Japan

I scored 117 thanks to you! I really feel that I got the hang of what TOEFL writing is like.  Thanks to your help, I think I’ll be able to go to a Ivy league school with a bit of luck.

-H.S, Korea

I received my TOEFL score today. My writing score is 26 and I am quite satisfied with that. Thanks for your advice about how to improve my writing.

-M.T, Japan


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