To be honest, a lot of the testimonials on the essay evaluation sign-up page are pretty old.  On this page I plan to collect comments from recent students!  If I have helped you this year, consider sending me your own testimonial!

January, 2021:

THANK YOU SO MUCH MICHAEL for your amazing feedback! I’m so happy to let you know that thanks to your videos and feedback, I scored 113 and 26 in speaking. I’m so grateful for you! I got Reading 29, Listening 30, Speaking 26 and writing 28. Yes, I got the required scores towards a pharmacy professional license!


Thank you for your suggestions. Got 29/30 in writing.  My total test score is 115/200: Reading 30/30, Listening 28/30, Speaking 28/30, Writing 29/30. I followed your template and comments for the writing section. It really helped me in getting a high score.


Just want to thank you one more time for your patience, flexibility and support!  Now my score is 100.  We did it!


During the past few months, I benefited a lot from your course materials on your YouTube channel and website. Recently I have taken TOEFL and attained 105 with speaking and writing of 24. I want to express my gratitude for your guidance and assistance Especially for your tips for the speaking & writing section.


February, 2021

Thank you very much for all your help, comments and suggestions. Everything was very helpful. I took the TOEFL last week and thanks to you I got 28 pts on the writing part.  I will definitely recommend you!


I just want to let you know that I am admitted to MIT today! Thank you so much for your        great support, and I really liked your professional advice, which I believe contributed to my success a lot.
I am so glad that you helped me improving my score. Your comprehensive reviews of essay and the templates were the game changer for me. Thank you so very much. 

March, 2021:

29 for Speaking and 27 for Writing! The total score is 113!!!!! WOW!!!
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