On this page, I will collect student testimonials from 2023!  If I have helped you this year, consider sending me your own testimonial!

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January, 2023:

I got 27 in the writing section two times, and my best total score is 104. That’s thanks to your help!

-K.O, Japan

Thanks to your support, my writing score is better than ever and I got 100 for the first time!

-S.T, Japan

Your guides and templates are fantastic, your tips are very practical and helpful and I really appreciate you making them available for free. I was worried about the speaking section of the test in particular because I don’t have a lot of experience speaking English and because of my stutter, but your resources really helped me practice and build confidence and I ended up scoring a perfect 120 on the test! Thank you so much for your efforts to help TOEFL test takers.


I’m writing this email to say that I passed the test with a score of 29, 28, 28, 25!  I couldn’t have done it without your help, thank you so much!


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