On this page, I will collect student testimonials from 2022!  If I have helped you this year, consider sending me your own testimonial!

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January, 2022:

I am pleased to inform you that I got 104 (R29,L29,S19,W27) on the TOEFL. I got a high score in writing because of you. Thank you for all your assistance.

-K.T., Japan

February, 2022:

He is an international treasure.

-J.H., Mexico

I just want to tell you that I passed the TOEFL with wonderful scores. Thank you for your help and support. My score in writing increased from 21 to 25, and I would not be able to do this without your help.


I got 28 points in writing section of the TOEFL!  And I got 110 in total!!!  I just followed your steps: keep it simple and accurate, just focus on examples, and reduce grammar mistakes. I flexibly adapted your structures in the integrated essays, which indeed made it easier for me to concentrate on the details. I don’t know how to describe my feelings. All I want to say is Thank You!!!  I have already sent your website and YouTube Channel to some of my friends. I believe your methods on speaking and writing will help them as the way you helped me.

-X.X., China

I would like to thank you for the help and great advice. I am happy to share that I received a score of 109, with 25 in the writing (+5) and 26 in the speaking (+5). I am sure  that the information on your website and the writing evaluation helped a lot.

-A.S., Israel

I am pleased to inform you that I got a score of 105!! R30,L27,S22,W26. Thank you so much for your kind advice!

-M.H., Japan

I’m writing to tell you that I got my TOEFL result. I scored 111, with a 25 in speaking and a 27 in writing. I really appreciate your help! Without your suggestions, I wouldn’t have achieved 25 in speaking. 


I just want to let you know that I took the exam last week and I got 22 in writing after following your strategy and templates. I was always ranging between 18 and 19. Really appreciate your help.


March, 2022:

I was admitted to my first choice graduate school with a total score of 105 (R29/ L27/ S23/ W26). My weak point was speaking and writing. Your line by line corrections and precise advice helped me to finally improve them. I am really grateful for that.

-Y.K., Japan

April, 2022:

I took the TOEFL iBT Home Edition last Sunday and I scored 104 out of 120 (my goal was 95 points).  In the Speaking Section, I received 30 points! I was very surprised about this outcome because I was really terrified about the Speaking Section. However, after your speaking evaluation, I truly gained so much confidence. In addition, I just want to let you know that I also used your Speaking and Writing templates. Both templates were perfect! Without these templates, I would have never received such a good score. Please continue your amazing work! 


I just wanna tell you that after your evaluation and comments on my essay last time I scored 28 in writing!  I jumped from 23 to 28!


I am writing this mail to inform you that I achieved my desired writing score in the TOEFL exam that I took on 20th March 2022. Recently, I also received an offer letter from the University of Maryland College Park for a PhD in the Mechanical Engineering Department. I  followed every one of your steps when writing the Independent and Integrated essay and scored 25 in the writing section. 


I would like to let you know I finally got 100 on the TOEFL (R29 L24 S21 W26) the other day! Thanks to your lessons, my writing score improved dramatically.  I wholeheartedly appreciate your advice.

-Y.S, Japan

May, 2022:

I just wanted to tell you that I passed my TOEFL! Finally the nightmare is over! Thank you very much for you support and help. It means a lot to me.


I want to thank you because I scored 24 in writing. I have been following you for writing for long time and only because of your method did this become possible. Not only in TOEFL but in general also I have improved my writing a lot. You are the best teacher.


Writing 28! It’s incredible.  This would not have been possible without your guidance.  I hardly had any time to prepare, but thanks to your tips I managed! I scored far beyond what was required!


Let me tell you some good news! I got my highest score, 102 (R29, L26, S21, W26), yesterday! I highly appreciate all your support.

-Y.S, Japan

I just want to say thank you for your advice. I got 25 points in the writing section. My score was just 15 points last year! 

-T.Y., Japan

June, 2022:

You really helped me a lot! Before contacting you, I felt desperate and did not know what to do. At that time, I kept getting similar speaking and writing scores. Your YouTube videos, website, and most of all your evaluations helped me to understand the test and practice effectively. Your teaching was much more helpful than local schools. Thanks to you, I was able to get 25 in speaking, 30 in writing, and 114 in total. I really appreciate your help! I strongly recommend your lessons to other lawyers these days.

-J.P, Korea

I got 28 in writing and 99 in total (28 21 22 28). In the test, I wrote 280+ and 390+ words for each essays and saved 2-3 minutes for double-checking as you suggested. Your website, YouTube videos and evaluation service really helped me a lot.


July, 2022

I want to say thank you very much because you helped me a lot to achieve my goal. I got my results Before a couple of days and I got 27 in speaking and 24 in writing. I am so glad that took speaking and writing with you!


I just want to tell you that I got 26 in writing! I never expected that I would get this score. Thank you so much for your help!! 

-M.I, Japan

I got 101 overall, and 24 for Writing, which met my requirements. Thank you very much for your help!

-R, Japan

I’m writing to tell you that I took the TOEFL on July 11 and received my score yesterday. My score is 107 in total (R30 L25 W28 S24). Previously, my best writing score was 22. I didn’t expect to get such a satisfactory writing score this time! Thanks so much for your wonderfully detailed guidance on my writings! Both the templates from your website and your evaluations of my essays were truly helpful for me. I’m very keen on your teaching style and will definitely recommend you to all my friends who are as struggling with TOEFL writing like I was.

-S.B, China

Good news! My writing score is 25 and my total score is 102! Your videos helped me a lot! Thanks again for your detailed instruction and helpful videos!

-R.C, China

Finally, I could get 25 in the writing section!

-D.Y, Japan

August 2022

Michael provides the right advice right away. His resources, templates, and detailed instructions helped me to write a nice essay within the time limit. I got a 28 in writing and 113 in total which is the best score I’ve gotten so far. Thanks so much Michael for your help!

-H, Korea

I have good news! My last TOEFL writing score was 26. That’s my best score so far!

-H.K, Japan

Great news! I just passed the test and got 25 in writing! I like how you quickly identified the key problem in my writing which was hurting my score the most. Once I became aware and careful about that, I saw the results.


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