I spotted a couple of updates to the TOEFL TestReady platform today. They are:

  1. More free stuff is available. Students can now access the “section test sampler” which provides free access to one task from each section of the TOEFL (unscored, I think) and the “section practice sample” which provides the same (scored, I think). This is really nice, as one complaint I had when the platform launched is that ETS moved a big bunch of free stuff to the “free activity of the day” widget.
  2. There is something about connecting to an “expert teacher.” I guess it hasn’t been launched yet, but users can sign up for updates. I wish I had taken a screenshot, since the info all disappears once you’ve entered an email address. I suppose this is separate from the on-going partnership with Preply as that has already launched. Let me know if you learn anything about this, as sometimes emails don’t reach me.
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