I was able to ask a few more questions at an ETS webinar. Here’s what I learned (the answers are not direct quotes):

Q: Will results come back in six calendar days or six business days now?
A: Six calendar days.

Q: How significant are pauses when students are answering questions in the speaking section?
A: They can be very significant and can affect the score a lot.

Q: Could the same human grader score all four speaking responses?
A: No.

Q: Will a new Official Guide be published in 2019?
A: No. That has not been prioritized.

Q: Could students get only NINE reading questions with a specific reading passage?
A: Yes. This will happen if a fill-in-a-table question is given.

Q: Is it okay to mention the reading first in integrated essay body paragraphs?
A: The order “does not matter.” The scoring rubric is “not that structured.”

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Vivian M Rodriguez

Dear Michael Goodine Thanks one more time for all your effort. Honestly, nobody cares more about students than you (no one else). This post contains extremely important information; thanks one more time. Indeed, the scores are available six calendar days after the test. I took my test on October 26th and got my scores today Friday November 1st. I have three questions to ask you. I hope you have the answers I’m looking for. 1. Do human raters know when an student requests a rescore?. Are they able to distinguish when they are evaluating the speaking responses for the first… Read more »