Schools and Boards that Accept TOEFL MyBest Scores

Schools and Boards that will Accept MyBest Scores

The following institutions have stated publicly that they will accept TOEFL MyBest Scores. Note that this list could be out of date. It is best to contact the school you are interested in directly.

Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Source: “If you wish to send us “MyBest Scores”, we will accept them. All TOEFL scores we receive will be made available to the program reviewing your application. “

Miami University. Source: “We accept MyBest scores for the TOEFL. This means that the highest scores for each section from different TOEFL exams will determine a combined highest sum score.”

Carnegie Mellon School of Design. Source: “the School of Design also accepts MyBest scores for TOEFL iBT. “

Shoreline Community College. Source: “MyBest scores are accepted.

University of British Columbia College of Graduate Studies. Source: “The College of Graduate Studies accepts MyBest Scores.”

Schools and Boards that will not accept MyBest Scores

In addition, the following institutions have publicly stated that they will not accept TOEFL MyBest Scores. This list could be out of date. Contact the schools for confirmation.

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. Source: “NABP does not accept MyBest™ scores, or “superscores.” You must complete and receive passing scores on all four sections of the TOEFL iBT in one testing session. ”

University of Washington. Source: “We will not consider TOEFL’s MyBest score to meet the minimum English proficiency requirement for freshmen admission at this time. Although we are reviewing our policy and collecting data about the MyBest scores, applicants applying for autumn 2020 should plan on meeting the minimum English proficiency requirement for admission with scores from a single test date.”

University of Southern California. Source: “USC does not accept “superscores” or TOEFL “MyBest scores.” 

University of Pittsburgh. Source: “The University of Pittsburgh only accepts TOEFL iBT scores from a single test date, not MyBestscores.”

Princeton University Graduate School. Source: “At this time, we are not accepting MyBest scores. “

Case Western University School of Graduate Studies. Source: “The School of Graduate Studies does not accept the TOEFL MyBest Scores. Applicants must achieve a minimum of 90 on one exam date; exams will not be superscored.”

Columbia Law School. Source: “No.”

University of Massachusetts Amherst. Source: “note that we do not superscore language tests (e.g. we do not accept MyBest scores from TOEFL.)”

Carnegie Mellon University School of Music. Source: ” Please note: the School of Music only accepts TOEFL scores from a single test date, not MyBest scores.”

Northeastern University. Source: “Northeastern does not superscore results from your English Language Tests, nor do we consider MyBest scores for applicants submitting results from the TOEFL iBT. “

University of Texas. Source: “Please note that The University of Texas does not accept standardized test superscoring (e.g., GRE ScoreSelect or TOEFL MyBest Scores.”

SC Johnson School of Business (Cornell). Source: “Johnson will not accept MyBest scores, as we do not superscore bands within the TOEFL.”

Boston University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Source: “Please note that we do not accept the TOEFL “MyBest” scores.”

Pepperdine University. Source: “Please note that Pepperdine does not accept TOEFL ‘MyBest Scores'” 

Mount Holyoake. Source: ” Mount Holyoke does not subscribe to the College Board’s MyBest Scores test option.”

Kyunghee University. Source: “본 교는 TOEFL iBT시험 성적표 상에 기재된 MyBest scores를 인정하지 않음(a single test date 성적만 인정)”

University of Warwick. Source: “The University of Warwick only accepts TOEFL (iBT) scores from the single most recent test date, not MyBest scores.”

University of Sheffield. Source: “We do not accept the TOEFL paper-based test, or MyBest scores.” And also: source.

Leeds University Business School. Source: “Please note, we only accept TOEFL iBT scores from a single test date, not MyBest scores.”

University of Southampton. Source: “The University of Southampton does not recognise MyBest scores and will only accept scores taken in one sitting within the 2 years immediately preceding the programme start date.

University of Colorado. Source: A personal email: “Best overall score in one sitting.”


  1. Will The American Board of Pharmacy accept my best scores?
    Please is there anyway we can convince the American board of pharmacy to accept my best scores.
    I have been struggling with Toefl since November2019 just for 1 or 2 points short each time. Also, my FPGEE exam result will be expired soon.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. I have the same problem, I called the NABP last month and they said that they need the required scores in one report.

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