Updated Story:  It has been confirmed by ETS   that students now get their TOEFL listening and reading scores at the test center, at the end of the test.  They say:

You can now view unofficial scores for the Reading and Listening sections on screen immediately upon completing the test. These scores can give you an early indication of your performance and help you make a well-informed decision about reporting your scores before leaving the test center.

Note that these are “unofficial” scores, which mean the final scores could be different.  I will try to gather data to see how often this happens.  

Note, also, that these are “scaled” scores, which means they are on the same 1-30 scale as your final score report.  They are NOT “raw” scores.

Update 2:  After five months, it seems that the instant scores match the final scores almost all of the time.

Original Story:

If you go to the ETS page on getting scores (https://www.ets.org/toefl/ibt/scores/get/) and look at the page source, the following was added sometime in January, but was “commented out” so it doesn’t actually appear:

“At the end of your test, you will see your unofficial scores for the Reading and Listening sections on the screen. This gives you an idea of how you did on the test and helps you determine whether to report or cancel your scores.”

I assume this  means that in the future ETS will provide scaled reading and listening scores at the end of the test, but that they will not be adjusted for the difficulty level of the test that week.  This means the scores given will usually be accurate… but that the final (official) score could be plus or minus one point.  If this is confusing to you, just note that ETS adjusts everyone’s score some days if the questions are deemed too easy or too hard after everyone has taken the test.

While this remains hidden (we aren’t supposed to see it) my guess is that this is a change that will be announced in the coming weeks. I just hope they don’t frame it as helping students determine if they should cancel their scores, as that should only  be done if they are planning to make a test center complaint (in my opinion).

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This happened to me. I gave the TOEFL on 15 February and I saw my scores on my computer screen.


Of course!


Hi Michael! I got my scores today!
Instant scores R17 L24
Official score R17 L24
They were the same!


It also happened to me last week, and I was so surprised to know I could have a estimated score at the end of my test since I had never heard of that before. It’s kind of cool and you can choose whether you want to know or not. I wonder, though, what happens if we decide not to confirm these grades? Is the test still valid?


My immediate scores match the final scores.
R: 28. L:30.


My test was today. I saw my unofficial score it disappointed me badly. I was quite sure I will in speaking only but NO contrary happened. L11 😭 I don’t know is it allowed in test centres that any time the students came the can start their exam. This scenario was happening in the test centre I took test and it badly disturbed me. Even I reached to Listening part still new students were coming in and the centre’s staff was setting the computer, sound and headset for them. Closing the door repeatedly, going out and coming in sound, steps… Read more »


Thank u for the reply.
Your speaking and writing templates and videos helped me a lot.
Thank you.


Hi, I am curious to know after you get your offecial score of listening test is it the same?


Yesterday I got 25 on Reading and 23 on Listening. Any chance that I might get any score different from these unofficial ones?


I did my TOEFL on Saturday and my estimated scores were R28 and L29, I’m going to update my official scores when I get them.

To reply to @Zara: yes, while you’re doing your test you need to be aware that there will still be people coming in for the first 30-40 minutes at least. I considered this while preparing and it didn’t bother me a lot.

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