The PTE Core test is now open for booking. Tests begin February 12. This new test, from Pearson, is accepted by the Government of Canada for all work and migration visas.

So ends the last IELTS monopoly. I’m a big fan of the IELTS, of course, but I realize that consumers benefit a lot when they have a greater range of tests to choose from.

I’ll try to take the test myself in the very near future. As I’ve written here a few times, what makes the Pearson suite of tests attractive to me is the contemporary and modern test-taker experience they provide from the beginning of the registration process right through to the sending of scores to recipients. Indeed, if you check out the recent quarterly report from Pearson, you will learn that their test volume is skyrocketing. While their competitors are making great strides in those regards they haven’t quite been able to keep up. 

Check the website for info re: test format, prep materials and scoring.

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