The US State Department just released its “Open Doors” data for 2022/23. A few highlights:

  1. There are now 1.05 million international students in the USA (a jump of 11.5% from last year). That’s the highest number since before the pandemic and almost on par with the highest number number ever (1.09 million in 2018/19).
  2. International students make up 5.6% of the total US enrollment, which is the highest ever.
  3. Total US enrollment is just 18.9 million, the lowest number since 2007/2008.
  4. The total number of students coming from India jumped 35%. The total number of graduate students coming from India jumped 63%. No wonder testing companies are focusing on this market.
  5. The number of students coming from China dropped just a shade (-0.2%).
  6. The top countries of origin for students are China (289k), India (268k), Best Korea (43K), Canada (27K) and Vietnam (21K).
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