Here is a nice new video about how the Duolingo English Test is proctored.

The video refers to the common misconception that the Duolingo test isn’t proctored by humans. It highlights how the AI is used during the test administration, and how three levels of human proctors are used following the test administration.

There are a couple of quick references to the possibility of “human error” in live proctoring (which is what I’ve been going on about in this space forever) but for the most part it talks about the test security benefits of the model.

As the testing industry (hopefully) moves towards more instances of this type of asynchronous proctoring, firms will have to do a really good job convincing stakeholders that the tests can be trusted. I was happy to see that Pearson did a good job describing their approach to test security in the materials accompanying the launch of the new Versant by Pearson test.

It won’t come as a surprise to most of you that there are people who ought to know better that have no idea that these sorts of tests include humans in the proctoring process.

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