Some may be interested to know that publication of the three official TOEFL books has been pushed back again. Per Amazon, they will be published on April 24. The bundles still have an April 22 street date, but I suppose that will be changed.

In other book news:

  1. The 18th edition of Barron’s TOEFL will be released on April 2.
  2. The print publication of “English,” Sanaz Toossi’s Pulitzer prize winning depiction of a TOEFL classroom, has been pushed back to June 25.
  3. When I reduced the price of the Kindle version of my TOEFL writing book to a buck, sales increased ten-fold. But surprisingly, about half of the sales were of the print version, which had the same old price. Maybe this is a good tip for self-publishers. If you get some attention via a cheap ebook version, people who like the looks of the book will go ahead and get the paper version.
  4. I was hoping that some of the sales would result in reviews on Amazon. Sadly, only one more person wrote a review. So, if you like the book, it would be cool if you could take a moment to write a few words on Amazon.
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