Well, the TOEFL iBT Home Edition is still not available in China.  Since it is unlikely to ever be offered in China, ETS has just introduced an alternative – the TOEFL ITP Plus.  A general introduction is  available here

It appears to be the same as the existing TOEFL ITP currently marketed by ETS to institutions as a way to assess the English proficiency of students, but with an added video interview conducted through Vericant.  It is taken on paper (no computer). Scores, and the interview, are sent electronically to designated recipients.  The interview is not scored.

The test measures reading and listening comprehension (with questions similar to the TOEFL) and written expression (questions totally unlike the TOEFL).

Curiously, this test is offered at test centers.  It is puzzling that test centers are able to be used for this test, but not for the regular TOEFL iBT.  Perhaps it is easier to distance students who are taking a test on paper.

Sample questions for the ITP are available here, but I don’t know if the test uses “level 1” or “level 2” questions… or if adjustments have been made for this particular use.  ETS once had an “Official Guide” to the TOEFL ITP, but it is mostly out of print now.

For more information, consult this graphic:



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