The TOEFL Bulletin was updated sometime this month.  Normally I would list the line-by-line changes here, but those appear too numerous to list.  The policy changes, meanwhile, are just what has already been discussed here already.  Let me know, though, if there is something you want me to dig into.  This edition of the bulletin is valid until June 2020.  Here’s a link.

One thing that did catch my eye is that score review still takes up to three weeks. While students have reported getting those results really quickly (in three days) I guess ETS doesn’t want to make any official promises.

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Luis Gustavo Cordero Bautista
Luis Gustavo Cordero Bautista

Great site! Thanks for all your passion helping students achieve the highest score. Personally, I find difficult listening section, I answer 3/4 out of 6 sometimes 5 out of 6 and it discourages me. Please, what can I do, What strategies do u recommend for me? thanks a lot.