Hey, it’s my sixth favorite day of the year – the day of the new TOEFL bulletin!  You can download it over here. It will take effect next month.  The new layout makes it difficult to identify changes, but I spotted a few things of note:

  • The “returned payment” fee has increased from $20 to $30.  I honestly don’t know what this fee actually refers to.
  • The refund policy for test takers in Korea has become a bit worse.  Those test takers now must cancel four days before the test to get a 50% refund.  It used to be three.
  • New: Electronic ID may not be used.
  • New: ID must contain your date of birth (and it must match the date of birth used when registering for the test)
  • As I mentioned a few days ago on this blog, sales taxes are now collected for registrations in Vietnam and Singapore (among other countries)

Also, this bulletin excises what seems to be the final official reference to “the ETS.”  Long live “ETS.” 

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