Earlier this month, ETS quietly released a new language learning app to the Google Play Store and the App Store.  It’s called ELAI.  It seems to use their “SpeechRater” technology to grade sample speaking responses recorded using the app.  This makes it a very valuable tool for TOEFL prep, since student answers on the TOEFL test are partially graded by that particular technology.

Of course the app isn’t specifically designed for TOEFL prep, so it won’t give you actual TOEFL scores, but it will give you feedback based on word repetition, vocabulary level, pauses and filler words.  It will also tell you your words per minute.

There are some sample questions that look like TOEFL questions and some questions and some that don’t look like TOEFL questions.  You decide how long you want to speak in your answer, so you can easily stop after 45 seconds to simulate the test.  I suppose you could actually ignore the given questions  and just record an answer to a question you’ve gotten elsewhere and still get valuable feedback.

Note, though, that this seems to be in a sort of beta test. This means it isn’t available in all countries and it isn’t available for all devices.  Don’t complain if you can’t download it.

Here are the links:

If you are able to try it out, leave a comment down below.

Note:  This website is not endorsed by ETS.

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