Well, there is another new TOEFL book available this week.  On Monday, Kaplan’s 4 Practice Tests for the TOEFL (2nd Edition).  While it is true that I obsessively review all of the new TOEFL books, I don’t think I’ll buy this one.  The first edition of the book was horrid, as was the last few editions of Kaplan’s flagship “TOEFL Prep Plus.”  Those two books were, by far, the worst recent TOEFL books.  It also bothers me that access to the online content required to use the book expires after one year, which makes the book useless.

I might review it if I can find a library copy, but if anyone here reads it and wants to share their comments I will pass them along.

Meanwhile, I am still waiting for my copies of the new Official Guide and Official Tests books.  When they arrive I will update the big list of books.  Detailed reviews of each will be provided as soon as possible, of course.

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